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  • Gemma Bangle
  • Gemma Bangle
  • Gemma Bangle
  • Gemma Bangle
  • Gemma Bangle
  • Gemma Bangle
  • Gemma Bangle
  • Gemma Bangle
  • Gemma Bangle

Gemma Bangle


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Crafted on sterling silver with intricate beadwork, this Gemma bangle is an amazing mix of complementing colors and various bead sizes that create wonderful textures. This bangle is the perfect compliment to the Gemma pendant and will add an elegance to your style that can't be beat.


Jewelry Type
Bracelet Style
Main Stone Treatment Code
DBL - Doublet
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Meet the Maker: Portomea

MEANINGFUL BEADWORK Like a child plays with sand, Julia Pappas has been playing around with glass seed beads for years. As a little girl, she became intrigued by a daisy-chain beaded necklace and tried to decipher how it was made. Though her attempts led to a ripped thread and a mess of spilled beads, those loose beads awakened a new opportunity – to make something of her own. Now, many years later, her needle travels through the bead and back, connecting and securing tiny glass bits together – one at a time – and offering the results to the world. From her bright, modern studio in Groton, Mass., Julia designs and creates her jewelry line, Portomea (pronounced “por-to-ME’-a” – the E as in Echo). The name is inspired by the Latin phrase “Omnia mecum porto mea” which means “All of mine I carry with me.” Julia combines several beadweaving techniques to achieve the look and feel of the minimal aesthetic of Portomea jewelry. Although beadwork is an ancient craft, Julia’s mission is to keep it alive by making beaded pieces that are easy to wear today. The jewelry line is made with precision-cut tiny glass beads sourced from Japan, a country known for producing the highest-quality beads. Because each bead is so small, depending on the length of the final piece, it takes hundreds and even thousands of beads to put together one piece of jewelry. It also takes patience and time – sometimes many hours – because each bead is stitched on by hand. There is simply no other way, as no machine is capable of executing the intricate movements of the hands required to create a piece of beaded jewelry. Every piece is inspired by Julia’s fascination with creativity and human potential – our ability to be self-aware, to grow as individuals, to nurture ourselves and others, to live a fulfilled life. By offering the fruits of her own contemplative practice of creation, Julia hopes to connect her customers to their own inner world of possibilities.

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