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  • Look Sleek Sterling Silver Womens Necklace
  • Look Sleek Sterling Silver Womens Necklace
  • Look Sleek Sterling Silver Womens Necklace

Look Sleek Sterling Silver Womens Necklace


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This handmade sterling silver necklace is a great way to accessorize when you're looking for a little bit of flare. The spiral design is simple yet chic, inspired by indonesian style. Designed by Wayan Asmana, this beauty is great for everyday wear. This handmade creation is in partnership with NOVICA and in association with National Geographic.


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Wayan Asmana

Meet the Maker: Wayan Asmana

I am thankful that God gave me a chance to join with Novica. My jewelry is now known in many different countries, and my family and I feel so much this uplift in our economic life thanks to you. We hope this can last forever, and I will continue to work harder and better to please you, all my dear customers. Thank you so much!Wayan Asmana is a master silversmith from Sukawati, long regarded as Bali's most important jewelry center. Asmana learned his craft when he was in elementary school but only when he was in senior school did his father teach him how to make gold accessories. Wayan Asmana senior is unquestionably a renowned jewelry maker and designer. When Asmana returned to his village after going away to college, he married his beautiful bride, Wayan Asmariani. Then he set about starting his own jewelry workshop where he designed and crafted a variety of gold and silver accessories. Business began to flourish and tourists were his main customers. Unfortunately, events such as the World Trade Center attacks and the Legian-Kuta bombing have had a very bad impact on Bali's tourism trade, which in turn has affected Asmana's work. Setting up on his own is difficult. Asmana tells of the time, three years ago, when a foreign tourist bought almost $1,200 worth of products. When Asmana went to the bank to change the dollars into into rupiah, he was told the money was counterfeit. There was nothing Asmana could do about it.

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Please note: Because this item is made with love and care by a skilled maker and not a machine, some small variations may occur between your item and what is pictured.