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  • Lotus Puzzle Box  - Brown
  • Lotus Puzzle Box  - Brown

Lotus Puzzle Box - Brown


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If you are in need of a place to store your jewelry, change or other small items, consider this gorgeous puzzle box that has been beautifully hand-carved in the shape of a lotus, the symbol of fortune, that will easily do just that.


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Matr Bommie

Meet the Maker: Matr Bommie

Meaning “motherland” in Hindi, Matr Boomie was started in 2006 by Manish Gupta. After years of living in the States, Manish took a trip back home and was struck by the extreme poverty he saw in many areas. He began to think of a ways to bring about positive change that was also ethical and sustainable. After hundreds of conversations, he had an idea. Partnering with grassroots organizations and artisans, they could teach local men and women to become skilled makers in ways that honored the rich traditional art forms of India while making them relevant for modern consumers. Today Matr Boomie empowers over 20,000 makers in over 40 communities throughout India, creating a wide range of items, from jewelry, gifts, and fashion, to leather goods and home accessories. Adhering to Fair Trade practices, the Matr Boomie collective pays 25% over the standard local wage. The also invest in social development projects, such as education, health, computer literacy, clean water, and other training programs in the communities they work with.

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Please note: Because this item is made with love and care by a skilled maker and not a machine, some small variations may occur between your item and what is pictured.